A Statement Regarding the Selection of Guidepost Solutions by the SBC Presidential Task Force

NASHVILLE -- The SBC Executive Committee has issued the following statement in response to the selection of Guidepost Solutions to administrate the independent, third-party review of the Executive Committee initiated by the messengers to the 2021 SBC Annual Meeting:

“Now, nearly three months after the Annual Meeting, the Executive Committee welcomes the announcement that Guidepost Solutions has been chosen by the task force to conduct the third-party inquiry of the Executive Committee. We remind Southern Baptists that the Executive Committee selected Guidepost itself when it sought its own external review just prior to the Annual Meeting. We look forward to meeting again with Guidepost in order to expeditiously coordinate our activities in support of their important work.

Also, in response to considerable and unhelpful speculation, we would like to make one additional point clear: the Executive Committee leadership is not opposed in principle to requests for the waiving of attorney-client privilege considerations when it is relevant, it is appropriate, and it is in consultation with the third party commissioned to conduct the inquiry, Guidepost. Speculation to the contrary is internet rumor and untrue.

Ultimately, these are decisions for the Executive Committee’s Board of Trustees and we are working to provide information to the Board of Trustees so they can make informed decisions they deem appropriate within the confines of all legal (i.e. fiduciary) considerations as everyone seeks to appropriately implement the will of the messengers.

We urge the public to leave this review now to Guidepost and the Executive Committee to be handled in an appropriate and professional manner on behalf of all Southern Baptists.”

A statement regarding the motion related to the handling of an independent review by the SBC Executive Committee

NASHVILLE -- The Office of the President of the SBC Executive Committee has issued the following statement in response a motion presented during the 2021 SBC Annual Meeting related to an independent review of its handling of sexual abuse issues:

“The SBC Executive Committee thanks the messengers for their passionate concern. Alongside SBC president Ed Litton, and in consultation with the full SBC Executive Committee, our legal team, and other advisors, we will work to expeditiously implement today’s motion. It has always been our intention to be forthright and transparent in this process. Today’s decision, in whose outcome we are confident, will have the ultimate blessing of removing all doubt in the minds of our community of Southern Baptists allowing us to chart a more confident future, together. We thank those messengers who have invested so much righteous energy in this important cause.”

A Statement from Ronnie Floyd

NASHVILLE -- I have received a copy of the letter from former ERLC president Russell Moore to our current SBC president J.D. Greear. Some of the matters referenced occurred prior to my coming here in this role. For those matters of which I was present, I do not have the same recollection of these occurrences as stated. I do take seriously allegations in this letter which may raise concern for Southern Baptists. I have been very committed to always operate with the highest integrity and skillful hands. I am right now considering ways in which we can develop the best path forward for the sake of Southern Baptists and our God-called commitment to our unified Great Commission vision.