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A statement regarding the motion related to the handling of an independent review by the SBC Executive Committee

NASHVILLE — The Office of the President of the SBC Executive Committee has issued the following statement in response a motion presented during the 2021 SBC Annual Meeting related to an independent review of its handling of sexual abuse issues:

“The SBC Executive Committee thanks the messengers for their passionate concern. Alongside SBC president Ed Litton, and in consultation with the full SBC Executive Committee, our legal team, and other advisors, we will work to expeditiously implement today’s motion. It has always been our intention to be forthright and transparent in this process. Today’s decision, in whose outcome we are confident, will have the ultimate blessing of removing all doubt in the minds of our community of Southern Baptists allowing us to chart a more confident future, together. We thank those messengers who have invested so much righteous energy in this important cause.”