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Navigating the SBC

Navigating the SBC is a resource designed to provide pastors, church planters, and lay members with a comprehensive understanding of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). It serves as a valuable apologetic for pastors, simplifying the complexities of the SBC for lay members. This visual guide systematizes the intricate structure, protocol, and heartbeat of the SBC, making it more accessible to individuals at various levels.

Navigating the SBC appeals to the full spectrum of SBC life, not just specific ethnic groups. The resource aims to mobilize the SBC’s ethnic diversity in cooperative ministry and has received positive feedback from pastors, state conventions, and new EC members.

Originally launched at the 2022 SBC Annual Meeting, Navigating the SBC covers foundational, structural, cooperative, beneficial, and practical aspects of navigating the SBC. The goal is to help Southern Baptist churches achieve greater participation, representation, articulation, and celebration across diverse demographics, aligning with the vision of a people from every nation, tribe, people, and language standing before the throne and before the Lamb in heaven. Overall, the resource is designed to enhance understanding of the SBC’s value in advancing the Great Commission.

Download the Navigating the SBC Powerpoint Presentation

Download en Español – Navegando por la SBC

Why Your Church Should Actively Cooperate with the SBC

A Discussion with Paul Chitwood and Kevin Ezell

Asian Collective National Ministry Partners

Myanmar Baptist Churches USA
Dr. Hre Mang, Executive Director

Cambodian Southern Baptist Fellowship
Dr. Seang Yiv, Chairman

Chinese Baptist Fellowship of the US and Canada
Dr. Jeremy Sin, Executive Director | cbfusacanada.org

Hmong Baptist National Association
Dr. WaTra Xiong, Executive Director | hbna.org

Filipino Southern Baptist Fellowship of North America
Dr. Dan Santiago, Executive Director | fsbfna.com

Council of Korean Southern Baptist Churches of America
Dr. James Kang, Executive Director | koreansbc.org

United Lao Southern Baptist Fellowship
Patrick Sookaserm, President | ulsb.org

Vietnamese Baptist Union of North America
Dr. Christian Phan, Executive Director | vnbaptist.org

Japanese Southern Baptist Fellowship
Masashi Sugita, President

Asian Collective NextGen Pastors Network
National Coordinators: Terrence Shay & Hyung Lee

Ethnic Research Network
Dr. Minh Ha Nguyễn | baptistresearch.com