A Statement from the SBC Executive Committee

“With one collective voice our Convention is expressing its concern for victims of sexual abuse and that is a very good thing. The executive committee leadership also appreciates the continued engagement & active interest of Southern Baptists nationwide in this process.

However, we are concerned that too many of the statements issued reflect disinformation, half truths, and mischaracterizations of the motives and actions of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is committed to fulfilling the will of the messengers including by granting appropriate access to investigators to the documents and information they request to do their work. There is no attempt to defy the messengers or hide information from investigators.

The Executive Committee has been working to get the Task Force to consider a process that will be thorough, transparent and allow for the full truth to the published. We are confident that the intent of the messengers to the 2021 annual meeting can be accomplished without risking unnecessary damage to the Southern Baptist Convention. For instance, the Task Force admits their process may cause the loss of the Convention’s insurance.

Our prayers are for an outcome which meets the needs of the Convention to know the full truth and allows our Trustees to fulfill their fiduciary duties, in compliance with the law. We hope for an ultimate decision which merits the vast majority of the board’s support so that all Southern Baptists can be confident in the final product. Those who appeal alone to divine intervention to protect the Convention also wear safety belts when they drive and insure their vehicles and their homes.”

—SBC Executive Committee Spokesperson

A Statement Regarding the Selection of Guidepost Solutions by the SBC Presidential Task Force

NASHVILLE -- The SBC Executive Committee has issued the following statement in response to the selection of Guidepost Solutions to administrate the independent, third-party review of the Executive Committee initiated by the messengers to the 2021 SBC Annual Meeting:

“Now, nearly three months after the Annual Meeting, the Executive Committee welcomes the announcement that Guidepost Solutions has been chosen by the task force to conduct the third-party inquiry of the Executive Committee. We remind Southern Baptists that the Executive Committee selected Guidepost itself when it sought its own external review just prior to the Annual Meeting. We look forward to meeting again with Guidepost in order to expeditiously coordinate our activities in support of their important work.

Also, in response to considerable and unhelpful speculation, we would like to make one additional point clear: the Executive Committee leadership is not opposed in principle to requests for the waiving of attorney-client privilege considerations when it is relevant, it is appropriate, and it is in consultation with the third party commissioned to conduct the inquiry, Guidepost. Speculation to the contrary is internet rumor and untrue.

Ultimately, these are decisions for the Executive Committee’s Board of Trustees and we are working to provide information to the Board of Trustees so they can make informed decisions they deem appropriate within the confines of all legal (i.e. fiduciary) considerations as everyone seeks to appropriately implement the will of the messengers.

We urge the public to leave this review now to Guidepost and the Executive Committee to be handled in an appropriate and professional manner on behalf of all Southern Baptists.”