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Resolution On

WHEREAS, Our Southern Baptist Convention has set aside the fall of 1989 and the spring of 1990 for the Here’s Hope Jesus Cares for You simultaneous revival emphasis; and

WHEREAS, The door of revival and spiritual awakening swings on the hinges of repentance, faith and concerted prayer by God’s people; and

WHEREAS, Our nation evinces increasing need of revival; and

WHEREAS, A nationwide simultaneous revival emphasis presses to the forefront the perennial priority of evangelism through the use of the Evangelistic People Search and Scripture Distribution to locate prospects, training of soul winners, starting of new churches, strengthening of existing churches, and conducting of harvest revivals, all undergirded by Spirit empowered prayer; and

WHEREAS, The Here’s Hope emphasis provides Southern Baptists one of the greatest opportunities in history to declare to our nation there is hope for every person in every situation for every need in the Lord Jesus Christ for He cares for them and so do Southern Baptists.

Therefore, be it RESOLVED, That every church in the Southern Baptist Convention be encouraged to pray daily for spiritual awakening in our land, conduct at least one soul winning training event in the next year, challenge every Southern Baptist to win at least one person to Christ and participate fully in the Here’s Hope, Jesus Cares for You nationwide simultaneous revival emphasis.