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Resolution On Trustees And Administrators Of Sbc Entities

WHEREAS, As a people of God committed to congregational polity, Southern Baptists historically have found the trustee system both uniquely suited to this biblical principle and an effective means of institutional governance; and

WHEREAS, The Convention has entrusted the governance and well-being of its various entities to its duly elected trustees; and,

WHEREAS, Administrative officers charged with executive leadership of the various entities are elected by and responsible to the trustees of the entity; and

WHEREAS, We acknowledge that in every institution there exists the possibility of creative tension, conflict, and differences of opinion among people of good will and honest Christian intention; and

WHEREAS, Service both as a trustee and as an administrator of a Southern Baptist entity requires wisdom, sacrifice, maturity, and godly character,

Therefore, Be it RESOLVED, That we, the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention, meeting in Orlando, Florida, June 14-16, 1994, express appreciation to all who serve Southern Baptists as trustees and administrators for their interest in and devotion to the agencies and institutions with which they serve; and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we ask all trustees and all administrators to undertake their task of providing direction for their agencies and institutions with the “diligence” which Paul asks of Christian leaders (Rom. 12:8); and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we ask all trustees and all administrators to demonstrate the attitude of love and service in the name of Jesus which Paul commends (Gal. 5:13); and

Be it finally RESOLVED, That we exhort all trustees and all administrators who face potentially divisive issues and decisions to follow the instruction of James to demonstrate a wisdom which is “pure, peaceable, reasonable, conciliatory, and filled with compassion and kind actions.” (James 3:17)