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Resolution On The Forced Termination Of Ministers

WHEREAS, Each year a growing number of ministers experience a forced termination of their services, creating severe economic, emotional, and spiritual problems for the minister and his family, and

WHEREAS, These forced terminations always cause disruptive conflict in the local church; and

WHEREAS, The love of God compels us to be redemptive in these circumstances; and

WHEREAS, Numerous state conventions have expressed great concerns for this growing problem and are taking positive steps to raise the Christian ethical conscience of Southern Baptists in this critical matter; and

WHEREAS, Many state conventions are ministering to the needs of both ministers and churches by establishing church/minister relations departments, or similar means, to provide spiritual, emotional, and physical support and/or redemptive counseling to both ministers and churches.

Therefore, be it RESOLVED, That we, the messengers of the Southern Baptist Convention meeting June 14-16, 1983, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, commend the Sunday School Board, state conventions, and associations for their redemptive efforts related to this crisis, and encourage them to continue positive corrective measures related to this sensitive problem through the provision of preventive and redemptive support services to ministers and churches.