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Resolution On Terrorism

WHEREAS, Hundreds of thousands of people have died in a reign of terror in Uganda, institutionalized tyranny marks the record of governments in certain other African nations, mass extermination characterizes Cambodia and much of Southeast Asia, dictatorial regimes in South Africa depend upon a rule of fear, and

WHEREAS, Terrorist raids hold hostage entire nations in the Mideast, wanton acts of violence by organized terrorist groups paralyze major nations in Europe, and

WHEREAS, We recognize the dangers of becoming insensitive to the statistics of mass murder, and

WHEREAS, We dare not sit idly by during modern purges that parallel Hitler’s holocaust.

Therefore be it RESOLVED, That we act upon our deep concern for the victims of terrorism, and that we attempt to alarm fellow Christians and citizens to the threat of terrorism in the world today, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we exercise our options as citizens, consumers, and churchmen to bring to bear the full force of government, the marketplace, and the moral suasion of the churches to bring an end to terrorism.