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Resolution On School Violence

WHEREAS, Recent tragic events have highlighted the problem of school violence; and

WHEREAS, Many Christian students and teachers have stood faithfully, courageously, and publicly for their faith in the midst of such violence—some even to the point of death—whose witness has resulted in many trusting Christ for salvation; and

WHEREAS, This violence indicates a continued movement in our schools away form Christian values.

Therefore, be it RESOLVED, that we, the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention, meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, June 15-16, 1999, commend those students and teachers who have publicly stood for Christ even in the midst of violence in their schools; and

Be it further RESOLVED, that we extend our sympathy and prayers to all those families who have been touched by school violence; and

Be it finally RESOLVED, that we call on all Christians to pray for an end to violence in our schools and work toward a return to Christian values within our educational system.