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Resolution On Pornographic Literature

WHEREAS, The Postmaster General of the United States has called our attention to a vast mail order business in obscene and pornographic materials, and

WHEREAS, These purveyors of filth are aiming their attention chiefly at the nation’s youth–teen-age boys and girls, high school and college young people, and young people in the armed forces, and

WHEREAS, They are violating the homes of the nation in defiance of the laws of the federal government against obscenity, and

WHEREAS, The Postmaster General has called on all citizens to join in this battle to stop the flow of filth to our children and into our homes and communities;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, By the Southern Baptist Convention in annual session assembled in the City of Louisville, first, that we commend Postmaster General Arthur E. Summerfield for this courageous stand;

Second, That we pledge the support of our Convention through publications and otherwise to stop this use of the mails by distributors of obscenity and pornography; and

Third, That we call on parents to save all such materials received through the mail, including envelopes and all enclosures, and that they turn over all such materials with their protests to the local postmasters, and

Fourth, That we urge the ministers and members of the churches affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention to study the contents of their newsstands to become informed as to any publications that violate the laws against obscenity; and to unite with all who uphold decency in our communities through campaigns to rid our newsstands and the mails of the filth and smut of obscene publications.