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Resolution On Permissiveness And Family Planning

WHEREAS, The Southern Baptist Convention in annual session in 1977 spoke clearly and forthrightly to the issue of permissiveness as follows:

WHEREAS, The permissiveness of the so-called new morality has permeated our society and has affected even our churches, and

WHEREAS, We believe that the rights of the family are being infringed upon when information, medication, and supplies are being furnished the unmarried minor-aged children without parental consent.

Therefore be it RESOLVED, That we call upon elected and employed government officials to work towards the return of parental or guardian control of minors in the matter of sexual information and devices, and we oppose any governmental agency withholding or threatening to withhold funds from public-funded agencies that require parental consent or parental knowledge before dispensing medication or devices, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we oppose the distribution of birth control devices to minors except with parental or guardian consent.

Furthermore, be it RESOLVED, That we ask our churches to speak out against this permissiveness of the new morality and, under the leadership of pastors and parents, supplement and reinforce the sex education taught in the home in order to strengthen the biblical teachings of chastity before marriage and fidelity to marriage vows.

Be it further RESOLVED, That the Baptist Joint Committee and the Christian Life Commission be requested to communicate this action to Congress and the President.