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Resolution On Peace

WHEREAS, For the first time in many years this nation is not involved in an overseas armed conflict, and

WHEREAS, This nation is taking positive leadership in establishing peace in the world’s trouble spots, and

WHEREAS, As followers of the Prince of Peace we are committed to seeking peace in this day;

Therefore be it RESOLVED, That we are grateful to God for this period of peace in our history and pledge ourselves to work for continued peace.

Be it further RESOLVED, That we commend our nation’s leaders for their efforts to achieve and maintain peace in our world’s trouble spots, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we reaffirm our Baptist belief that each individual believer is a priest who is free to determine and follow the will of God for his life, and is urged to follow the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, for the realization of peace in the inner life as well as in national and international life.