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Resolution On Multilateral Arms Control

WHEREAS, Southern Baptist Conventions have historically passed numerous resolutions calling for peace, and

WHEREAS, That we confess we have not pursued peace with full Christian commitment, and we commit ourselves to pray for peace in our churches and to seek to become more committed to peacemaking in varieties of ways,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That we support the continued efforts of our national leaders to achieve strategic arms limitations, and that we acknowledge the complexities of maintaining adequate military strength in a divided world and at the same time pressing for peace and freedom from the threat of nuclear holocaust, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That we urge our representatives in Washington to move in imaginative and reconciling ways to seek mutual agreements with other nations to slow the nuclear arms race; and that we individually seek to communicate our commitment on this issue to our representatives.

BE IT FINALLY, RESOLVED, That we urge our own nation and the other nations of the world to shift funds from nuclear weapons systems to basic human needs, such as education, medicine, and relief from hunger.