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Resolution On Mobilization For Eastern Europe

WHEREAS, Eastern Europe and former Soviet bloc nations have experienced dramatic political change, bringing down oppressive ideologies and walls that separate peoples; and

WHEREAS, Political and economic changes accelerate the hunger to know God, promote a desire for true stability, and create a positive environment for evangelism; and

WHEREAS, In this volatile vacuum, organized cults are currently sending thousands of zealous proclaimers of their false doctrines into the newly liberated lands to fill the religious void; and

WHEREAS, Southern Baptists have exhibited a passionate commitment to win the world to Christ, organizing and sending missionaries throughout the world.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That we, the messengers to the 135th session of the Southern Baptist Convention, affirm our responsibility to urgent world evangelism; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That we commend the Foreign Mission Board for the initial step of declaring a “Green Alert” for Eastern Europe; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, That we urge all Baptist churches, bodies and appropriate Southern Baptist Convention agencies to marshal their resources and mobilize their members aggressively to seek ways to strike quickly, seizing the moment, while the window of opportunity still exists, in order to win Eastern Europe and the former Soviet republics to Jesus Christ.