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Resolution On International Justice

WHEREAS, The statements of a multitude of veracious eye-witnesses regarding the appalling outrages inflicted by Leopold the Second upon the native population of the Congo have been confirmed by the conclusive testimony of an official commission of inquiry; and

WHEREAS, A conference of fifty-two evangelical missionaries, representing six different countries, held on January 11, 1906, unanimously declares that these cruelties continue unabated, and that millions of defenseless people seem doomed to annihilation;

RESOLVED, That, inasmuch as the United States was the first power to recognize the flag of the Congo State, it is fitting that it should be foremost in efforts to ameliorate the terrible lot of that helpless people;

RESOLVED, That we urge upon the President and upon Congress to take all possible steps, whether by remonstrance, by diplomatic correspondence, or otherwise, to end conditions which are a reproach to the civilization of the twentieth century, and repugnant alike to religion, justice, and humanity;

RESOLVED, That a copy of these resolutions be sent by the Secretaries of this Convention to the President of the United States and to the Secretary of State, and that we urge all our people to unceasingly pray and labor that this unspeakable crime against God and man may be brought to a speedy end.

RESOLVED, That we express our horror of the atrocious cruelty practiced by Leopold of Belgium upon the natives of the Congo country, and we direct our President and Secretaries to send a strong communication to the Secretary of State of the United States, urging him to exert himself to abate these crimes to which our treaties make us party.

2. That we rejoice with the people of Great Britain on their recent victories in behalf of soul-liberty, and we hope they will continue the good fight till perfect freedom is theirs.

3. That we congratulate the French people, and especially our French Baptist brethren, on the separation of church and state in France.

4. That we behold with heartfelt thanksgiving the inauguration of constitutional government in Russia, and sincerely pray that this great movement may turn out to the furtherance of the gospel.