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Resolution On Homosexuality

WHEREAS, The precipitous decline of moral integrity in American society continues at an alarming pace, and

WHEREAS, A campaign is being waged to secure legal, social, and religious acceptance for homosexuality and deviant moral behavior at the expense of personal dignity, and

WHEREAS, The success of those advocating such deviant moral behavior would necessarily have devastating consequences for family life in general and our children in particular, and

WHEREAS, The radical scheme to subvert the sacred pattern of marriage in America has gained formidable momentum by portraying homosexuality as normal behavior.

Now therefore be it RESOLVED, That the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Kansas City, Missouri, June 14-16, 1977, reaffirm the firm biblical resolution on homosexuality passed in Norfolk, Virginia in 1976 and commend Anita Bryant and other Christians during the recent referendum in Miami, Florida for their courageous stand against the evils inherent in homosexuality.

Be it further RESOLVED, That we show compassion for every person in our society regardless of lifestyle, and earnestly pray for the redemption of all persons.