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Resolution On Drugs And Alcohol

WHEREAS, The use of drugs, including alcohol, is becoming an increasing problem among many persons of all ages in our society, and

WHEREAS, About 52 percent of fatalities and injuries in traffic accidents in 1969 involved motor vehicles whose drivers had been drinking alcoholic beverages, and

WHEREAS, The abuse of drugs causes great human suffering and is destructive to the life of the family and community, and

WHEREAS, We recognize that one major cause of the drug culture has been the failure to find meaning and fulfillment, and

WHEREAS, It is the responsibility of God’s church to bring the message of redemption to those who are the victims of the abuse of drugs and alcohol,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That this Convention opposes any legislation that causes increased use of drugs and alcohol; that the messengers to this Convention commit ourselves to work for community and state programs of rehabilitation; that we will work for appropriate new legislation that will result in enforceable and scientifically correct laws on narcotics, alcohol, and dangerous drugs, and that the Inter-Agency Council be requested to assign to appropriate agencies the responsibility to develop programs for church use to educate adults and young people concerning the dangers of the abuse of drugs and alcohol.