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Resolution On Convention Name

WHEREAS, By the express words of the Constitution under which this Convention was organized in 1845, the scope of its work embraces the whole United States, and all persons of our denomination making the necessary contribution; and all constituent bodies of the same who cooperate with us are invited to representation in this body, without reference to locality, or territory, or latitude; and,

WHEREAS, In naming this body the phrase “Southern Baptist Convention” was used at the date above named to suit conditions then existing, but which have long since passed away; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, 1. That the name of this body be changed from “Southern Baptist Convention” to that of “The Baptist Convention of the United States,” so that the same may better harmonize with the true nature and opportunities of this body.

2. That appropriate steps be taken for carrying this action into effect by appropriate change in the charter under direction of a committee to be appointed by the president; and that such change of name be operative so soon as said charter amendment shall have been procured.