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Resolution On Commending World War Ii Veterans On The Occasion Of The 50th Anniversary Of D-day

WHEREAS, On June 6, 1944, many Americans voluntarily gave or risked their lives in the invasion of Normandy by the Allied Forces; and

WHEREAS, The heroism and patriotism of these Americans is deserving of public commendation on the 50th Anniversary of this significant event in world history known as “D-Day”; and

WHEREAS, Southern Baptists and all Americans can count this historic event as one of the primary factors guaranteeing their present freedom of worship.

Therefore, Be it RESOLVED, That the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Orlando, Florida, June 14-16, 1994, on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of D-Day, commemorate and commend all military personnel, living and dead, who served this nation in the invasion of Normandy, express our gratitude to all veterans of World War II, and call to remembrance that it is God who is the Sovereign of men and nations, and that it is He alone Who gives victory in battle.