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Resolution On Childrens Rights

WHEREAS, There is presently being conducted in this nation a movement called “The Children’s Rights Movement” which seeks to give children all rights now exercised by adults, and

WHEREAS, Attached to every right is responsibility, and

WHEREAS, To give children all adult rights would burden their immature and inexperienced minds with responsibility of forming judgments and far-reaching decisions which are difficult for even the most mature adult, and

WHEREAS, A child’s basic need is to be loved, guided, and protected by adults capable of giving such support.

Be it therefore RESOLVED, That we discourage the passing by Congress, the pending House Concurrent Resolution No. 109 which states “to express the sense of Congress that children possess both fundamental human rights and rights attributable to their status as children, and to call for the enactment of federal and state laws to implement such rights to the fullest extent possible and to grant children additional rights equivalent to the rights now possessed by adults.”

Be it further RESOLVED, That we understand that the significance of such a Resolution, while not having the weight of a specific law, would form a basis for future laws to implement the principle now in question, and also would be used in subsequent court decisions to establish the intent of Congress, and

Be it finally RESOLVED, That we urge the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs to use its leadership in discouraging the passing of House Concurrent Resolution No. 109.