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Resolution On Beveraged Alcohol And Pornography

WHEREAS, Beveraged alcohol and pornography are two dehumanizing and devastatingly destructive problems of our nation as we celebrate our Bicentennial, and

WHEREAS, The Bible teaches the worth of each individual, while beveraged alcohol destroys individuals and pornography degrades and corrupts individuals.

Be it therefore RESOLVED, that this 1976 Southern Baptist Convention reaffrim its historic stance of pointing out the corruption and dehumanizing nature of pornography in all of its forms, and

Be it further RESOLVED, that we reaffirm our historic stance of pointing out the deceptive and destructive nature of beveraged alcohol, and

Be it finally RESOLVED, that we ask all of our people to work for corrective laws at all levels to specifically work for legislation that prohibits the advertising of beveraged alcohol and the portrayal of pornography in all public media. Further, that we ask our people to express their opposition to these menacing evils in every possible and appropriate way. Further that we ask our people to personally express their concern for the victims of these evils as we point all peoples to Jesus Christ as “the way, the truth and the life.”