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Resolution On Appreciation On Host City

WHEREAS, The Southern Baptist Convention meeting in record numbers in this the 121st session in the city of Atlanta, and

WHEREAS, Baptists of the Atlanta region and the state of Georgia, working under the leadership of William L. Self, chairman of the Convention Arrangements Committee, have served untiringly in providing the adequate World Congress Center and all the other necessary supports for this meeting, and

WHEREAS, The Atlanta city officials and other civic leaders, the police department, the bus and taxi operators, and the management of hotels and motels all have acted in true warm southern hospitality, and

WHEREAS, The newspapers, radio, and television personnel have been exceptionally gracious in their coverage of the activities of this Convention.

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, That we express our profound gratitude to all of these who have contributed so much to the enjoyment of our visit and the success of this, our 121st annual session.