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Resolution On Alcohol Awareness

WHEREAS, Families bear the responsibility for rearing healthy and loving children, providing creative life styles free from stress and all drug dependencies; and

WHEREAS, The family is the main target of the alcohol beverage industry with massive home advertising campaigns; and

WHEREAS, Family life is under increasing stress due to the use of alcohol in the home, resulting in more divorce, battered women, child abuse, birth defects; and

WHEREAS, Over 561 alcohol related deaths occur each day; and

WHEREAS, There are an estimated ten million adult alcoholics in America and seven and a half million youth between the ages of fourteen and seventeen who have alcohol related problems; and

WHEREAS, Expectant mothers need to be aware of the dangers of consuming alcoholic beverages during pregnancy; and

WHEREAS, The economic burden of alcohol on business and industry in America is estimated at more than $50 billion dollars annually due to absenteeism, accidents, and inferior workmanship; and

WHEREAS, A significant portion of the tax burden borne by the public is the result of increased costs of police and fire departments charged with maintaining the peace and safety of the community, and of judicial departments charged with maintaining justice in the community; and

WHEREAS, The many tons of grain used each year by the alcohol industry would feed millions; and

WHEREAS, A Christian should not sell or advocate the use of a product which brings economic loss, birth defects, mental illness, injury and death to hundreds of thousands;

Be it therefore RESOLVED, That we challenge families to consider what alcohol is doing to them, and to be aware of the uncritical way alcohol is accepted in society with little attention given to it as America’s number one drug problem; and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we educate the children in our churches to abstain from use of alcoholic beverages and the abuse of drugs; and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we challenge the alcohol beverage industry to accept responsibility for the hazards created by its product; and

Be it further RESOLVED, That Congress be urged to pass legislation to label all alcoholic beverages indicating the inherent dangers involved in the consumption of the products; and

Be it finally RESOLVED, That Southern Baptists renew their commitment to minister compassionately to those who have drinking problems and to relate to their families in redemptive ways.