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Will & Tiffany Forrest

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Churches are needed all over North America, but some areas need
more churches than others.

Today we’re going to pray for our missionaries Will and Tiffany
Forrest, who are planting a church in the Pacific Northwest – just
east of Seattle, Washington, in the city of Issaquah.

Our church supports them through our Cooperative Program giving.

This is one of the fastest-growing cities in the region, so many new
churches are needed: Further, the Pacific Northwest is one of the
least evangelized areas in the nation. Sometimes people are even
hostile to churches.

Will was serving a church in Idaho when he became aware of such
needs. He studied church planting for two years at a church in South
Carolina before he and Tiffany moved with their four children to

Summit Life Church meets in a public school on Sunday, but is
growing. They have delighted in seeing lives impacted by the gospel.
Will has gotten to know community leaders, which will help multiply
the church’s impact.

Let’s pray now for Will and Tiffany and ask God to bless their ministry
as they take the living water of the gospel to a dry, thirsty land.