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Ryan & Kierstin Ivy

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NASA has reportedly said that the Las Vegas Strip is the brightest spot on Earth at night due to the myriad of lights and screens found on hotels and casinos. But that light is all man-made and artificial. And in a city where millions live and visit, people long for an eternal light that will bring them hope, peace, and salvation.

Nearly 1,800 miles away, in a small, Alabama town, God was gripping the hearts of Ryan and Kierstin Ivy to plant a church and shine the light of Jesus on Las Vegas. Following His call, they moved to the city and planted Image Church. The spiritual darkness and the challenges of “Sin City” have made it difficult to minister there, but the Ivy’s have seen disciples made.

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PRAY for more believers to join the Ivy’s team and that God would enable Image Church to reach even more people in Las Vegas with the light of Jesus.