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Ryan & Aubrey Curry

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IMB missionaries Ryan and Aubrey Curry serve among the Manyika people of Mozambique. Before their arrival in 2021, an IMB missionary hadn’t been in this region of Mozambique for about 15 years.

There are only around 380 of the 246,000 Manyika people who are Christians. The Manyika practice ancestral worship but have also woven the false teachings of the prosperity gospel into their practices of superstition and belief in witch doctors.
The Currys know there will be challenges in not only preaching the Gospel among unbelief, but also against the false teachings that have staked their claim among the people group. However, they’re ready to dedicate their ministry to this unreached people group in the mountain terrain of Mozambique.

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PRAY for the Curry’s ministry and for the Holy Spirit to work among the existing churches in the Manyika peoples’ region.

For more about this story, visit: https://www.imb.org/2021/04/08/missionary-couple-serve-among-manyika-people-mozambique