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Rob & Annabeth Wilton

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Pittsburgh has been experiencing a renaissance. As the economy shifted in recent decades, blue-collar cities like the Steel City were hit hard, like many other Rust Belt regions. Now, the economy is surging back as technology and medical sectors take root.
More and more people are moving into the city, and church planting missionary Rob Wilton has helped to spearhead a movement that has generated new churches in the area that are proclaiming and sharing the Gospel.

In support of evangelism efforts, a Send Relief Ministry Center has been established in Pittsburgh and assists local churches in outreach to those in poverty. The ministry aims to combat food insecurity, homelessness, and illiteracy, all with a focus on sharing the hope of the Gospel.

THE COOPERATIVE PROGRAM is the financial fuel for reaching every person for Jesus Christ in every town, every city, every state, and every nation. Your support through the Cooperative Program advances vital mission work such as church planting and ministry centers as more Gospel outreach is needed to reach those who still need a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

PRAY for the Wilton family as they continue to lead their church and encourage further ministry and outreach in Pittsburgh and beyond.