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Rick & Jill Thompson

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Today we want to pray for two our missionaries that our church supports
through our Cooperative Program giving. They are Rick and Jill Thompson,
who serve in Netal, Brazil.

If you look at a map of Brazil and on the right side you’ll see a point that juts
out into the Atlantic. That’s where the city of Netal sits, right on the coast.
Well over 1 million people live in and around this big city. But growth
increased even more after 2014, when the new international airport

That meant new people! To our missionaries, Rick and Jill, it also meant
that many new churches were needed.

They got help through a partnership with Baptist churches in Arkansas.
Many Southern Baptist volunteers came to Brazil, to knock on doors
in communities around the airport and tell people about Jesus. Our
missionaries are still working to plant new churches in the many high-rise
apartment and condo buildings that have popped up.

Let’s pray for our missionaries, Rick and Jill, and their important work of
planting new churches in this huge city. Let’s pray that they can meet
this huge missions challenge.