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Philip & Jummai Nache

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In recent years, people from around the world have been coming to
the United States to live. The nations are coming to us!

Today in our prayer time, we will pray for two of our missionaries
who are responding to this.

Philip Nache came from Nigeria, Africa, to the United States to attend
seminary. When he visited Minneapolis-St. Paul in Minnesota, he
realized many Africans were there – more than 100,000 immigrants
and refugees. But there were few churches for them. “They were
like a sheep without a shepherd,” he said.

So Philip and his wife, Jummai, moved to the Twin Cities in 2015
and planted Hope of Nations Gospel Church. Of course Africa has
many nations and language groups. Africans asked him to plant a
church for their groups.

So Phillip started teaching classes that trained Africans in how to
plant churches. One man he trained returned to South Sudan to
plant churches – home and overseas missions!

Our church is supporting Philip and Jummai in Minnesota through
our Cooperative Program giving. This is how we impact lives with
the gospel in Minnesota and countries around the world as well.

Let’s pray for our missionaries now.