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Mike & Tisha Jones

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Today in our missionary prayer time, we’re going to pray for two
of our missionaries who are probably more AWAKE than any
other missionaries! That’s because Mike and Tisha Jones serve in
Colombia, South America, where coffee is grown.

Many of the people they share the gospel with work on coffee
farms. Those farms grow the beans that probably become the
coffee you and I buy at our local grocery or coffee shop.

Most of the people Mike and Tisha witness to are not farm owners.
They are the hired hands who do the heavy work of picking the
crops or the like.

Their income is meager and so is their outlook on life: They find
it hard to believe Jesus would have died for someone like them.

Can we commit to something right now? Most of us here will get
up tomorrow and have coffee as the day starts. If that’s you, could
we commit to pray tomorrow morning for Mike and Tisha, as you
sip that coffee?

And let’s pray for them now. They are two more of the many,
many missionaries our church supports through our Cooperative
Program giving, across South America and around the world.