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Matt and Ruth Lahey

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God called Matt and Ruth Lahey to start a church in Kilbride of St John’s in Newfoundland, Canada. For many Newfoundlanders, the idea of church is associated with a building. It’s something you attend, not something you are.

Church planting in Kilbride isn’t quick and isn’t easy, but the Laheys are committed to the long, slow process of planting the Gospel in the neighborhood. They realize that ministry in this community can’t be just what happens on Sunday. They are using every opportunity possible to share Jesus and reach out to the community.

The Cooperative Program takes the Gospel to the nations and the neighborhoods. Your financial support through the Cooperative Program helps missionaries and church plants be intentional in a Gospel reach to their communities.

Pray that the Lord will open eyes and soften hearts in St. John’s. Let’s also ask God to help Kilbride Community Church represent Jesus well with its neighbors.