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Today we’re going to pray for one of our missionaries. We will call him
John, but that’s not his real name.

You see the news like I do and you know that, even here in North America,
sharing Jesus with some people is simply dangerous.

John is planting a new church among tens of thousands of Chinese
people who have come here to live. They speak Mandarin Chinese.

The new church is the first church for Mandarin speakers in the city.

They come from a country that insists on atheism and opposes the
Christian faith, sometimes with violence. So John’s ministry is dangerous.
But it’s also rewarding.

He tells of sharing the gospel with a couple and they committed their
lives to Jesus Christ. They both wept when they realized what Jesus
had done for them.

Even though we do not know John’s real name or even where he is serving,
our church is supporting him through our Cooperative Program giving.
Remember that we do not give TO the Cooperative Program, because it
is just a channel. No, our missions dollars go THROUGH the Cooperative
Program to missionaries like John who are Kingdom workers.

Let’s pray for him now.