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Jeremy & Crystal Nelson

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Today for our prayer time we are going to pray for Jeremy and
Crystal Nelson, who serve in Madrid, the capital of Spain. We can
say they are “our” missionaries because we support them through
our church’s Cooperative Program giving.

Spain is a huge mission field: About 46 million people live in Spain
and fewer than 1 percent of them are saved. But Jeremy and
Crystal have an interesting approach to evangelism.

Thousands of people from South America have settled in Spain
in recent years and many of them are Christians. So Jeremy and
Crystal reach out to these immigrants. They teach these immigrants
the Bible and how to share their faith with Spaniards who do not
know Christ as Savior.

Jeremy grew up as a missionary kid in Venezuela. Also, he and
Crystal served as missionaries in South America for several years
before moving to Spain. This is how they are planting new churches
in parts of Madrid that have no evangelical witness.

Let’s pray now for Jeremy and Crystal and their multi-national
approach to missions. Let’s ask God to show our missionaries how
to how to lead thousands of Spaniards to faith in Christ.