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Cody Vest

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Cody Vest serves on the staff of the Army Chief of Chaplains. He has seen firsthand how God can use the faithfulness of Christian soldiers to spread the good news of Jesus. In fact, Cody was saved through the witness of one of his Army friends.

Today, Cody helps train chaplains. He teaches others in the Army the impact that spiritual development can make in a soldier’s resilience and combat preparation. He also serves as a mentor to other chaplains. Many of those chaplains have seen traumatic experiences during war. Cody serves as a listening ear for them to talk about what they’ve experienced.

The Cooperative Program (CP) takes the Gospel to the nations and the neighborhoods. Your financial support through the Cooperative Program provides training and encouragement to Southern Baptist chaplains, in addition to our missionaries serving across our nation and the world.

Pray for Cody as he helps chaplains prepare for their unique ministry assignments, specifically that God would help him provide effective counsel to these chaplains so they can be more effective in their roles.