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Cade & Jenny Wheeler*

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More than 125 people put their trust in Christ during a three-day mountain retreat in the Caucuses region of Europe. National church partners organized the weekend, with the help of some funding from Southern Baptists through SEND Relief. This region of Europe was severely affected by both the COVID-19 pandemic and a regional war that left thousands in need.

IMB missionaries Cade and Jenny Wheeler* have lived and worked in this region for years, helping to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people. But during much of the pandemic, they were stuck in the U.S. because of travel restrictions. In their absence, the churches they helped to start and multiply took on the mantle of leadership. Two of the three churches worked together to host this retreat that resulted in many decisions for Christ.

THE COOPERATIVE PROGRAM is the financial fuel for reaching every person for Jesus Christ in every town, every city, every state, and every nation. Your support through the Cooperative Program assists missionaries as they train and empower local churches to help meet their community’s physical and spiritual needs.

PRAY for these new believers to be established in their faith and in the Word, as well as for the European churches that are discipling them.

*names changed for security

For more about this story, visit: https://www.imb.org/2021/02/09/125-come-christ-retreat-europe/