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Angel & Vanesa Viveros

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Angel and Vanesa Viveros heard about a great Gospel need in the U.S. Midwest and were sent by God to minister to immigrants in Lincoln, Nebraska. “The impulse in our hearts is to be missionaries, and the Midwest is greatly lacking in ministry to Hispanics,” says Angel.

The Viveros family is planting Cosecha Iglesia Bíblica in a vibrant, multicultural community. Angel says it’s a place that needs the true Gospel in the face of a growing prosperity gospel presence.

The church is a source of community by intentionally sharing the Gospel while meeting physical needs with wellness clinics, English classes, and family friendly events. They’ve even gained a reputation in the community—if there’s an event where people are being served, Cosecha Iglesia Bíblica is right in the middle of it.

The Cooperative Program (CP) takes the Gospel to the nations and the neighborhoods. Your financial support through CP and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering gives missionaries the resources they need to reach their communities with the Gospel of Jesus.

Pray for the Viveros’ ministry, as well as the Spanish-speaking community in Lincoln, Nebraska, to find Gospel hope at Cosecha Iglesia Bíblica.

For more resources, visit: https://www.anniearmstrong.com/resource/angel-vanesa-viveros