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Alli McCarty

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The day after Alli McCarty graduated college, she went on her first mission trip. She wasn’t a believer yet, but a few weeks after that life-changing experience, she put her faith in Christ. A desire for missions was ignited.

Alli says that time spent on mission was instrumental in bringing her to Christ. There was just something about “seeing true Christians living out authentic faith on the mission field.”

From that time forward, she was all in.

“The fact that there are more than two billion people across the world who don’t know Christ continues to challenge me to ask how I can stay here and not go,” she said.

Alli is now living in Hungary, learning the language, and preparing to reach students through teaching business skills in a collegiate setting. She also serves Ukrainian refugees who have found a safe haven in Hungary.

Alli is thankful for the way God shaped her in between her calling and her commissioning.

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Pray that God would use Alli’s story to inspire people to go all in for Jesus.