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The purpose for this study is to help you and me grow in our ability to manage or steward the resources that God has entrusted to us. If I’ve learned one thing, it is that the enemy takes great pleasure in disrupting our financial lives. We all are affected by his schemes, and, with God’s help, it requires continued diligence and effort on our part to rise above societal pressures and manage finances in a way that honors God.

The study is organized in weekly segments in order to facilitate the weekly small group discussion session, which should be scheduled at the end of each weekly segment. A video, for viewing after each week’s lessons have been completed, is included in the study. The video serves two purposes: one, to provide additional teaching and examples during your weekly small group session, and; two, to function as the facilitator for the small group session.

Note: While this study was designed to be used with a small group (ideally 6 to 10 people), it can be successfully completed by an individual or with a larger group. If you are participating in this study on your own, use the discussion questions on the video for additional reflection time. If the study is being used in a large group session, consider assigning the video discussion questions to smaller groups to be discussed during the week.

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