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Resolution On The White House Conference On The Family

WHEREAS, The family has been clearly defined in God’s Word and accepted by the Jewish and Christian society of America for over two hundred years, and

WHEREAS, Traditional Judeo-Christian family values are being threatened, and

WHEREAS, American families need to have affirmation by the Christian community, and

WHEREAS, The first of the three national conferences held in Baltimore reportedly made some positive recommendations such as support for aid to combat alcohol and drug abuse and yet supported abortion, homosexual rights, and a general undermining of the biblical concept of the family, and

WHEREAS, The recommendations from the White House Conference on the Family will likely be received by Congress and the President as the sentiment of the American people, and thus enacted into law,

Be it therefore RESOLVED, That the biblical definition of the family be affirmed as the only adequate definition of the family, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That Southern Baptists pray for, support, and participate in every opportunity to help families fulfill their high calling, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That the Christian Life Commission continue to keep Southern Baptists informed about movements such as the White House Conference on the Family, offer us interpretations of these events, and equip us with the tools with which to deal with these kinds of movements.