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Resolution On Race Relations

This Convention in years past has expressed itself clearly and positively on issues related to race relations. Today the solution of the race problem is a major challenge to Christian faith and action at home and abroad.

Because Southern Baptists are the largest Christian group in the area where racial tensions between whites and Negroes are most acute, we feel an especially keen sense of Christian responsibility in this hour.

We recognize that members of our churches have sincere differences of opinion as to the best course of action in this matter. On solid scriptural grounds, however, we reject mob violence as an attempted means of solving this problem. We believe that both lawless violence on one hand and unwarranted provocation on the other are outside the demands of Christ upon us all.

We believe that the race problem is a moral and spiritual as well as social problem. Southern Baptists accept the teachings of the Bible and the Commission of Christ as our sole guide of faith and practice in this area as in every other area. We cannot afford to let pride or prejudice undermine . . . either our Christian witness at home or the years of consecrated, sacrificial missionary service among all the peoples of the world.

We therefore urge all Southern Baptists to speak the truth of Christ in love as it relates to all those for whom he died. We further urge that this Convention reaffirm its conviction that every man has dignity and worth before the Lord. Let us commit ourselves as Christians to do all that we can to improve the relations among all races as a positive demonstration of the power of Christian love.