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Resolution On Race

WHEREAS, This unity is now endangered by the efforts of groups that are endeavoring to breed hate and confusion in our midst, and

WHEREAS, The faith we profess and the teachings of the Lord and Master we love and serve, expressly forbid hatred one of the other, therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the Southern Baptist Convention assembled at Miami, Fla., hereby repudiates, and urges the members of the churches of the Convention to refrain from association with, all groups that exist for the purpose of fomenting strife and division within the nation on the basis of differences of race, religion and culture.

T. E. Miller, Maryland


We recommend, in the light of the relation of Southern Baptists to the racial problems of our land, and in the light of our brotherly relationship with three and a half million Negro Baptists in the South,

That the Convention appoint a committee of nine, composed of one member each from the Home Mission Board, the Commission on the American Baptist Theological Seminary, the Committee on Negro Theological Education, the Public Relations Committee and the Social Service Commission, and four additional members, to review the service now being rendered by Southern Baptists to the Negro race, to study the whole race situation, especially in its moral and religious aspects and meaning, to consider the responsibility of Baptists in the problems of adjustment of interracial relations, and make recommendations of procedure to the Convention, looking toward a larger fulfillment of our responsibility in the total situation and particularly with reference to helpful cooperation with our fellow Baptists in the Negro race.