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Resolution On Peace And War

1. That we reaffirm our belief in and devotion to international peace and to the spirit of peace both for individuals and nations as embodied in the teachings and exemplified by the spirit of Christ our Lord.

2. That we reaffirm also our utter opposition to and hatred of war as the most inexcusable and insane policy that could be pursued by the nations of the earth in their dealings with one another, destructive not only of human life and treasure but of all that is high and worthy in human ideals and objectives.

3. That we pledge ourselves as citizens and Christians that we will not support our government in any war except such as might be necessary to repel invasion of our land or to preserve fundamental human rights and liberties.

4. That we can see no just ground for the enormous military and naval establishment now being built up and maintained by our government at the expense of approximately one billion dollars a year, and that we look with disfavor both upon this establishment as being in the nature of a challenge to other countries and contributing to the war spirit and upon the huge and unnecessary tax burden laid upon the shoulders of people already overburdened with taxation.

5. That we again express our belief that the Protocol of the Court of International Justice, commonly known as the World Court, with the reservations already made by the United States Senate, should be ratified by the Senate and that we all give our influence to that end.