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Resolution On Gratitude For Our Seminaries

WHEREAS, The Southern Baptist Convention has established and supported six seminaries for the purpose of providing Christian education and preparation for Christian ministry, and

WHEREAS, Members of the staff and faculties in these institutions have consistently demonstrated an exemplary commitment to this noble purpose–individually signing a statement of fundamental Christian beliefs and corporately making an immeasurable contribution to the lives of persons preparing for Christian service, and

WHEREAS, Recent accusations have brought into question the doctrinal integrity of some seminary staff and faculty members in relation to the “Baptist Faith and Message” statement adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention in 1963.

Therefore be it RESOLVED, That the Southern Baptist Convention encourage anyone who questions the doctrinal integrity of seminary staff and faculty members to follow the procedures of historic Baptist polity and the guidelines of the Southern Baptist Convention Constitution (Article VII) and register specific charges or complaints with the boards of trustees of the respective seminaries, and

Therefore be it futher RESOLVED, That the Southern Baptist Convention express its profound appreciation to the staff and faculty members of our seminaries who have persistently and sacrificially taught the truth with love–enriching our appreciation for the Bible as God’s Holy Word and enhancing our ministry in Christ’s name.