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Resolution On Bold Mission Thrust

WHEREAS, The Southern Baptist Convention is moving toward the early implementation of Bold Mission Thrust; and

WHEREAS, There are increases in baptisms, in Sunday School enrollment, and in the establishment of new churches and missions; and

WHEREAS, Bold Mission Thrust is live with creativity, compassion, and consistency that can be attributed only to the working of the Holy Spirit; and

WHEREAS, The idea of sharing the gospel with every person on earth by the year 2000 has captured the imagination and challenged the creativity of countless churches; and

WHEREAS, The response of persons to mission involvement is at an all-time high; and

WHEREAS, Increased giving to mission causes also indicates the support of our constituents; and

WHEREAS, It appears obvious that many Bold Mission Thrust goals can be fully realized;

Be it therefore RESOLVED, That we the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention commend our seminaries, commissions, and boards for their unwavering commitment to the cooperative involvement toward the achievement of these goals; and

Be it further RESOLVED, That all Southern Baptists renew their commitment to the accomplishment of these goals through a continued spirit of cooperation in giving, education, evangelism, and missions.