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Resolution Concerning Accidental Fatalities And Injuries

Be it resolved by the Southern Baptist Convention in annual session assembled:
1. That we deplore the fact that during 1940, 96,500 lives were sacrificed in accidental deaths and that 9,100,000 people were seriously injured by accident. A large percentage of these deaths and injuries by accident were easily preventable if our people of all classes and of all conditions would be exercised by a spirit of caution and discretion.

2. That we are especially concerned and grieved that a large percentage of the accidental deaths and accidental injuries should have been caused by the legalized liquor traffic, for which there is no possible excuse, and in which the government is bartering the lives of the people for a miserable pittance in revenue, every dollar of which is offset one hundred fold in the impairment of the health and happiness and prosperity of our people and in the almost numberless lives which this traffic annually snuffs out.

3. That we pledge ourselves to the spirit of care and caution in the pursuit of our industries and particularly in the operation of motor vehicles on the highways and in all things else which will tend to conserve life and to reduce this heavy accidental toll.