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 Justin & Michaela Knippers

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 IMB missionaries Justin and Michaela Knippers jump into the virtual world—a video game simulating reality. The couple finds a spot to chill in a virtual backyard. In the back corner, Justin sees some friends around a fire pit and presses his controller forward to walk over. Within minutes, he shares an insight from Scripture. “Virtual reality evangelism isn’t really any different from regular evangelism,” Justin says. “You find a common point, build a relationship, and draw the conversation to the Gospel.” 

The Knippers recognize their unique interests and skills in the gaming world mean they might be the only ones to share the Gospel with those in the virtual world. 

He points out it is important to find someone “in real life” (IRL) to follow up and disciple the new believers. This is why they study Japanese—so they can relate at a heart level in the tech capital of the world.

The Cooperative Program (CP) takes the Gospel to the nations and the neighborhoods. Your financial support through the Cooperative Program helps missionaries share and show the love of Jesus in many practical ways.

Pray for the real people inside of the virtual reality world who need the Gospel. Pray for more missionaries who are willing to use the newest technologies to reach the world for Christ.