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Don and Pam Lynch

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Consider this picture of lostness from Belgium: A big blue bear sits on a park bench, arm extended to the side as if inviting people to come and talk. While people sit and talk to the inanimate bear, International Mission Board missionaries Don and Pam Lynch park a bicycle cart, start a generator and turn on an espresso machine. The missionaries are also ready to listen. Through offering a cup of coffee, the Lynches and team members have a chance to connect with people, start conversations and open doors to the gospel. When people share their struggles, the missionaries can build relationships and, most importantly, introduce a loving Savior. The bear can’t do anything.

In addition to a regular coffee cart ministry, the Lynches hosted volunteer teams this summer during Belgium’s Ghent Festival, one of Europe’s most popular cultural events. Volunteers engaged with visitors of the festival and offered a listening ear and a prayer to a God who listens.

The Cooperative Program takes the Gospel to the nations and the neighborhoods. Your financial support through the Cooperative Program helps missionaries share and show the love of Jesus in many cultures and contexts. 

Pray with Don and Pam that God will provide more opportunities to have deep gospel conversations with people and long-term friendships.