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Social Services Committee Recommendation (adopted)

Concerning Industrial Relations:

1. That we recognize the right of labor to organize and engage in collective bargaining.

2. That we recognize the right of laborers who may not wish to join a labor organization to employment.

3. That we believe in a fair living wage for all who toil in factory and mine.

4. That we favor a day of not more than nine hours and a week of not more than forty-nine and one-half hours.

5. That we are opposed to the employment in factory or mine of children under fifteen years of age and we are opposed to all night work for women and minors.

6. That we favor good sanitary housing conditions for all factory and mine workers, such as will properly protect both the health and morals of their families.

7. That the teachings and spirit of the Gospel ought to control in all industrial relations and that they offer the only happy and peaceful solution of all our industrial problems.