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Social Service Committee Recommendation (adopted)

5. That we commend the Boy Scout movement as one of the best means for building character and training boys for good citizenship; that we recommend that as far as possible and practicable our Baptist churches sponsor scout troops, and that the Social Service Commission be authorized to represent the Convention in relation to scouting as in relation to other social service matters. That in giving this approval of scouting we do not in any way condemn or approve Sunday hikes or anything else that would take boys from church services or that would desecrate the Christian sabbath.

11. We recommend the National Congress of Parents and Teachers as it presents the very vital value of child study through systematic and organized parent education. We believe that child welfare as set forth in the Children’s Charter by the recent White House Conference should receive very careful study by our people.

RESOLVED, That the Southern Baptist Convention has heard with profound sorrow of the tragic death, following the barbarous kidnapping, of the child of Colonel and Mrs. Charles Lindbergh. Because of Colonel Lindbergh’s phenomenal achievements and lofty and inspiring character making him a world hero, we feel that we honor ourselves as Christian citizens when we request the Secretary of this Convention to wire this stricken hero and his suffering wife the assurance of our prayerful condolences in this hour of their unspeakable sorrow.