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Social Service Commission Recommendation

4. Resolved, That we give our continued hearty support, both moral and financial, to the Anti-Saloon League and the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union as the two great nation-wide organizations through which our people have co-operated effectively for the overthrow of the legalized liquor traffic and through which we may continue to co-operate effectively for the perpetuation of prohibition, for the creation and maintenance of a proper sentiment for law enforcement and for the education of the masses concerning the evils and destructiveness of strong drink.

5. Resolved, That we express the hope that the Anti-Saloon League will strengthen its organization and work within the bounds of the Convention by replacing in any state any superintendent who may be superannuated, or for any other reason may be incapable of aggressive organization, work and leadership, with a wise, capable and vigorous leader.

6. Resolved, That we commend especially the work of the new department of education which the Anti-Saloon League has established as furnishing a good and efficient agency and means for the general dissemination of the truth about the evil and destructive character of alcoholic beverages and the facts about prohibition.

7. Resolved, That we reaffirm our former action heretofore repeatedly taken that as citizens we will not support for President any candidate committed to the repeal of National Prohibition and that in every proper and legitimate way we will seek to accomplish the defeat of any such candidate, no matter of what political party he may be nominated.